A downloadable game for Windows

An evil wizard cursed your music book. Defeat the hellish creatures he summoned!


  • Stay in the rhythm to crank up your damage
  • Do not misclick or you bring your damage down
  • Play predefined songs or add your favorite custom ones - the game will always fit your mood
  • Track your statistics for each song
  • Gather gold to upgrade your total damage


  • Song selector screen instead of manual management (now included!)
  • More intuitive way to add your custom tracks
  • Change difficulty/reaction time


Enter: Start the song

Leftclick, Spacebar: Inflict damage

Cursor: Collect gold

How can I adjust the volume of sound effects/music?

Open up the "settings.ini" in the main directory with any text editor (Notepad). You can change the entries volume_song and volume_effects to your liking. Be aware that these numbers are floats and range from 0.0 (muted) to 1.0 (full blast).

How can I change the resolution and windowed/fullscreen modes?

Open up the "settings.ini" in the main directory. You can change the entries resx and resy to your liking. If you want to play in windowed mode, put fullscreen=2, else put fullscreen=1.

How can I change the song that is played?

The new version of RhythmClicker offers a song selection menu. Just use the up and down arrows to select the song you want to play and confirm with Enter. The song will start.

How can I add my custom song?

First copy an existing ini file from the "data" directory. Then open it up with an editor (Editor, Notepad++ etc.) and change the following:

  • "path" to the path of your music file (e.g. path=mymusic/mysong.mp3). The game currently supports mp3 and wav files.
  • "title" to the title. IT HAS TO BE THE SAME AS THE NAME OF THE INI (title=Super Song, ini name = Super Song.ini.)
  • "bpm" to fit the BPM of your song. Currently the game supports songs up to 260 BPM. If you don't know the correct value, try to search for it in the BPM database.
  • Delete all "statistics" entries in the ini to start fresh.
  • The game should automatically detect the new song and list it in the song selection menu.

Isn't there an easier way?

Not in this early version of the game, sorry.


Ver. 1712160429

  • Included a song selection screen
  • Fixed issues where the damage could rise above the damage cap
  • Autodetect all songs in the data directory

Ver. 2305162254 patched

  • Included a new song by great Juhani Junkala
  • Fixed issues where the gold cap didn't rise during gameplay
  • Fixed issues where the information were saved to the wrong files

Ver. 2305162254

  • The max damage can be increased with gold pickups
  • Save and load your gold/damage/kills
  • Added a quick reference PDF to the game folder

Ver. 2105162156

  • Diverse bugfixes
  • Included gold pickups (absolutely useless at the moment)
  • Included a mouse cursor
  • Included some sound effects
  • Included volume options for the song/sound effects

Ver. 19051854

  • Included a statistics screen on the end of each song
  • Included full HD support and windowed/fullscreen options

Ver. 18051646

First public alpha release.

StatusOn hold
Release date May 18, 2016
Tags8-Bit, Casual, chiptune, clicker
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityOne button

Install instructions

Unzip the archive anywhere you like.


[LATEST]RhythmClicker Alpha 1712160429.zip 50 MB